Updates based on my 2024 Prayer Letters can be found on this page.

May 2024

These past weeks since my last update we have seen seven Salvations here in Wilburton. The last of these was on Sunday, May 19th after the Sunday morning service. Pastor Weber talked with a visitor about her soul, and she asked Jesus Christ to forgive her sin, accepting Him as her Saviour.

Bro Tom Fenn who surrendered to preach earlier this year, from my home church, Poteau Valley Baptist Church, gave the Thursday evening sermon on May 9th. His daughters sang a song, and his son played the invitation on our keyboard. This family is a blessing when they visit with us. They have been very involved in other ways helping with the work here at Genesis Baptist Church.

Some time ago we had an issue with our sewer, and once again problems have returned. At the time of writing this update, a plumber has been contacted about working on the problem. Remember, this building was not in use for more than 15 years, so we are still working with a few matters. Keep praying.

As I mentioned in my last update, on Easter Sunday after church I was on my way back to Poteau, and another vehicle came across the highway with no time for me to stop. This resulted in the loss of my Ford Explorer, and me with a small airbag burn on one hand; but otherwise I was unhurt. The Lord has provided for me to be able buy a Ford F150. It has a few issues, but I’m trying to work my way through them.

Please continue to be in prayer.

April 2024

Two Baptisms! The two ladies that had asked about being baptized were baptized by Pastor Weber at Robbers Cave State Park. One of them said she would like to be baptized in a creek, and the park actually accommodates this. One of the two had been regularly attending, and wanted to get baptized. The other having just been saved weeks ago, wanted to follow in baptism. We are going to need a few more details to actually get our baptistery ready for use, so being able to go the the park will be a big help for our baptisms.

Pastor Weber also had the privilege of leading a soul to Christ a few days ago. Pray for more souls to be saved.

Since the last update, a family of eleven visiting from out of town looked us up on the internet, and attended service with us for a week in addition to another visitor. People have also inquired by phone regarding the church. We are looking forward to what the Lord is going to do.

Many may already be aware of this: On Easter Sunday after church I was on my way back to Poteau, and another vehicle came across the highway with no time to stop. While I only had an air bag burn on one hand as the Lord protected me, it was the end of my car. I had hoped to find another by now, however cost is slowing the process. Until then my ability to go out to Wilburton regularly, or otherwise get around is limited. Please be in prayer.

The Lord has allowed me to be able to lead a couple souls to Christ here in Poteau these past weeks. Amen.

March 2024

Three more Salvations since my last prayer letter, and one first time visitors. Two ladies are interested in baptism, one having recently received Christ as Saviour. Both are attending regularly and are asking about membership.

As of the time of this update we have scheduled an Ice cream social for Easter Sunday after the evening service. This will be a time of fellowship to close the day of remembering what our Saviour did for us on Calvary, rising again victorious over our sin. Jesus is the Way to Heaven!

On Monday April 8th Oklahoma will experience a solar eclipse. Thousands are expected to come into the area just to get into the moon’s shadow as the sun is covered. Lord willing we may have opportunities to share the gospel as Wilburton will be full of visiting people. While they will come to get into the shadow of the moon on a Monday, maybe some can find the Way out of of the shadow of sin on the days before.

Until we are able to obtain a mower, we have begun to have a local man to take care of cutting the church lawn. This is important to avoid our property from becoming a jungle. Pastor Weber and myself are taking care of this expense.

Please be in prayer for souls to be saved, more first time visitors and that Genesis Baptist Church will become a growing light in Wilburton. Glorifying God, souls saved, and that the Truth about Christ is given here in Wilburton, Oklahoma.

February 2024

The Lord continues to bless. As of the time of this update, we have had six first time visitors from the Wilburton area during the month of February. Some have come more than once as well.

With the help of some professionals from his home town, Pastor Weber has been able to begin setting up in his own living space. This will be a big help in his ability to rest and study, so as to be able to better fulfill his roll as the Pastor of Genesis Baptist Church.

Winter is soon coming to an end. Warmer weather will allow people to get out more, making it easier for us to better talk to prospects, and invite them to church. But with the warmer weather also comes the time when grass once again grows, and will again need to be cut. One of our needs is still to obtain a mower, a shed to store it, and a few other items as well. If anyone would like to be a help with this, please contact my home church. The contact information is at the bottom of this letter.

A bit of surprise when one of the visitors has live streamed us more than once. These videos are being looked at as views are being registered. We are not presently posting our services ourselves.

The problem with this website sometimes displaying an ‘error’ message has been fixed. Part of the software was very much out of date. After updating it the problem went away, and this site can be viewed normally.

January 2024

This Update is being sent out a little late as I wanted to wait until after attending the National Church Planting Conference in Oklahoma City. This was an exciting time of hearing from many church planters from around the country. There were great sermons, and good singing – and even fellowship meals at lunch time. While I was not called on this year to present our work in Wilburton, the Lord Blessed us with a $851.00 offering that was a great help with some plumbing related repairs at Genesis Baptist church. Pastor Mickey Ellis from my home church (Poteau Valley Baptist Church) donated money to other church planters at the conference – that was raised for this purpose. I threw in a little myself.

We continue door knocking our way through Winter, and inviting people to visit. Pastor Weber and myself also offer to tell prospects the Way to Heaven – Jesus Christ. I continue to help at Genesis Baptist Church with the song leading and teaching the Sunday School Bible Study hour, and Pastor Weber preaches the sermons during the services. We continue to pray the Lord will add.

We are hoping in the not too far future to do some more improvements to the church property. Outside: More rocks for the parking area (possibly expand it), a small riding mower, and a shed to store the mower and other items, installation of outdoor lighting on the porch area and front. Inside: Audio snake XLR type (100ft) and two speaker cables with ¼” mono connector plugs (100ft). This will allow us to move the sound controls of our present system from the platform to the sound booth later in the future. Down the road we are praying the the Lord will provide for a reliable van to be used in Wilburton to pick up people to attend church. Around $13,000 remains on our mortgage. Please contact my home church if you would like to help with any of these items.

As I mentioned last month, I have made small changes to my presentation video to extend its usefulness for a little while longer. It can be made available to interested pastors for download, or may be watched at https://ferventheat.com/video .